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This collection is the largest repository of drilling (cores) available in Spain lake (> 400 m) and covers a wide altitudinal and latitudinal transect, correctly reflecting the different climatic and geographical areas of the Iberian Peninsula. In addition, provides a broad chronological period, from the present (Holocene) to the previous interglacial period about 130,000 years ago (Eemiense). Several of the cores span the past 30,000 years of history, and even has polls with exceptional resolution (which includes annual training sequence rolled, ie, Varvara) for certain periods of the recent Holocene (last 4000 years, approximately) both in the Pyrenees and the Iberian mountain range or even in Andalusia. Much of the lake polls here have been deposited by the close collaboration undertaken with the University of Minnesota (USA), and includes the largest karstic lakes and depth of the entire peninsula.



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