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Palinotheque (fossil pollen)


It consists of 800 microscopic preparations of pollen grains and spores of ferns -Pterydophyta-, that have been subjected to a process of acetolisis (artificial fossilization by means of a chemical treatment to eliminate the cell content of the pollen). The main purpose of this collection is to allow the comparison between different pollen grains and spores, correctly identified, with the palinomorphos preserved in a fossil record, which can be said a collection of reference.

The palinotheque is preserved in cases, each one with 100 microscopic preparations, put in alphabetical order, by taxonomic families (near 130), genus (near 400) and species. The samples are labeled with the origin and date. Most of the samples come from the Iberian Peninsula and France, particularly the Mediterranean region.

In turn, the palinotheque have 200 samples of fresh pollen in paper envelopes that have been collected during the period of pollinitation of the different plant species. These samples have been not yet submitted to the acetolisis procedure. The aim for the next years is to increase the palinotheque with a pollen preparation of each plant species stored in the Herbarium JACA.


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