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Plant pheno-morphological collections


Plant pheno-morphological collections include herbarium specimens of typical parts of representative individuals from natural plant populations which are sampled at time intervals of 2-4 weeks during a whole year or longer. They enable the investigation of seasonal changes in plant morphology, the position of meristems which produce the different organs, as well as the periods of growth of these organs and their duration (see Orshan 1989 for more details).

The pheno-morphological collections of the Herbarium JACA include collections of about 60 woody species with more than 100 studied populations and 50 herbaceous species. The collections have been gathered by Gabriel Montserrat Martí since 1991 with four collections on woody sub-shrubs gathered by Sara Palacio (2002-2004).

Orshan, G. 1989. Plant pheno-morphological studies in Mediterranean type ecosystems. Kluwer Acad. Pub., Dordrecht, p. 404.

Contact:  Gabriel Montserrat


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