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Conditions of use of data
                   of FLORAGON databases

  • The databases “FLORAGON” contain information on vascular plant distribution, mainly from Aragon but also from other regions of the Iberian Peninsula, the French Pyrenees and other European mountain ranges. To improve botanical information we encourage professional and amateur botanists to contribute with plants, data and images, in the way explained on this page (see “how to contribute”)

    The information in the database comes from many studies carried out in the last fifty years in the Instituto Pirenaico de Ecologia as well as the plant collections of several researchers. It is worth mentioning the contribution of Prof. P. Montserrat both in herbarium sheet collections and in botanical literature. Approximately half of the data stored in our databases come from herbarium sheets, while the rest correspond to field notes and literature quotations (doctoral thesis, journal papers, etc). The list of staff, collaborators and contributors can be seen on this page

    During the last 20 years, nearly all the herbarium labels have been computerized together with field and bibliographic records. Currently, the “FLORAGON” database holds more than 600,000 records. It must be stated that such data can include some errors, either in geographic details or in nomenclature and taxonomic information, mainly in apomictic and other complex botanical taxa. So that, the use of data for certain purposes, either research or plant and natural heritage conservation, must be done carefully. Precautions should be discussed with the keepers of the different collections to avoid mistakes in data interpretations.

    All this information is available for researchers from State institutions and amateur botanists, as well as private companies by means of different access systems and with the only restrictions being those of nature conservation policies and the intellectual and corporative property of the data. On the website ( a large part of the information on plant distribution (georeferenced to 10 x 10 Km2 accuracy) can be obtained. If more detailed information is required and to avoid interference and overlaps with research being carried out in the IPE, the following rules must be considered:

    1. The request for data of taxa and plant locations must be written and addressed to the keeper of the Herbarium using this website, explaining the aim and specific use of the information (See the application form on this website). In no cases will the whole database be provided.
    2. The conceptual framework (in case of a research purpose) or the administrative objectives (in other cases), which the data is required for, must be briefly described.
    3. The applicant is not authorized to transfer the data received to any other person or institution, unless that transfer has been previously authorized.
    4. If the data is required to carry out research through international networks or coordinate research projects not linked to the IPE, a person from this institution must be included in such a network or project.
    5. The IPE will evaluate the request and will decide whether to accept or to reject it, in this case explaining the reasons for rejection (which might be due to lack of information, conflict of interest, etc.)
    6. The origin of the data must be mentioned in the resulting publications and reports.
  • Nowadays, the database is being used for taxonomic studies in the framework of the Flora iberica research project, to evaluate plant responses to climate change in Europe in the European network EUROMONT and, for the study of spatial distribution of biodiversity in the Pyrenees, particularly in the National Park of Ordesa and Monte Perdido

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