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Loan Conditions From The                   Herbarium JACA

Information: Currently, due to the lack of staff and the high number of herbarium specimens on loan, only reduced loans are available.
Loan materials are subjected to the following conditions:

  1. Loans are made for six months, unless otherwise stated.
  2. Care should be taken to ensure the complete preservation of the material and to return it in the condition it was received in by the borrower.
  3. Observations, corrections and identifications, should be added on separate labels and should be signed and dated.
  4. Wherever possible researches are asked to send to the keeper of the Herbarium JACA any publications which result from the study of borrowed material.
  • After receiving the loan material, please acknowledge by signing and returning the form included with the loan.

  • Specimens should be handled with appropriate care. Specimens are sent on loan for a period of six months from the date of receipt. We would ask you, however, to return loaned specimens at the earliest opportunity, wrapped in their original flimsies and securely packed to avoid damage in transit and accompanied by any necessary CITES documentation/parcel labels. An extension to the six-month loan period may be granted following a written request to the Keeper.

  • A Recipient may not commercialize* loaned specimens or any parts or derivatives thereof.

  • A Recipient may not transfer loaned specimens or any parts or derivatives thereof to any other party without the prior written permission of Herbarium JACA. Loaned specimens may not be removed from the establishment to which they have been consigned.

  • While on loan, herbarium specimens should be stored in a way that will protect them from insect and other damage. They must be handled with great care and not bent, cut, folded or laid face downwards. Any cleaning or repair of plant specimens should not be attempted. If small portions have become detached during transit, please place the loose material in a paper capsule and attach to the sheet with a paper clip. Do not use any type of glue to add specimen parts or labels. If more serious damage has occurred please inform Herbarium JACA immediately.

  • No material can be dissected without previous permission. All dissected portions must be placed in a paper capsule with the herbarium number and attached to the herbarium sheet concerned with a paper clip.

  • The permanent removal of parts of any specimens for studies in palynology, anatomy, phytochemistry, etc. is not normally permitted. A specific written request must be send in advance to the Herbarium JACA

  • The use of loaned specimens for DNA extraction is strictly forbidden unless a written request is previously obtained.

  • As far as possible, all loaned specimens should be annotated: a Determinavit, Confirminavit or Project (‘Seen by ...’) slip should be attached to every sheet before return to Herbarium JACA. Determinavit slips should show determination, signature and date, either printed or legibly written in permanent ink. When specimens of more than one taxon or collection are mounted on one sheet, separate slips should be provided for each. Except for the distinction of the various elements of such mixtures, no marks should be made on the sheets themselves and existing labels, notes, etc. must not be removed, covered or in any way defaced.

  • In return for the loan of specimens, Herbarium JACA requests that copies of published research resulting from the study of material loaned be sent to the herbarium, and that due acknowledgement be made in such published works.

It should be noted that JACA specimens, have not been chemically treated to deter insect infestation.

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